Micro Ayurvedic Stem Cell Development Therapy

Diagnosis by Using
NADI PARIKSHAN ON NADI GRAPH (Pulse Examination) Daignosis Process of Ayurveda Nadiparikshan on Electro Nadi Graph (ENG)

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Micro Ayurvedic Stem Cell Development Therapy Yes We Can

Saam Marathi Saam Sanjeevani

The miraculous power of plant Ayurvedic Stem Cell Therapy can regenerate the human cells to the extent that it can even recreate the disintegrated parts. the same was observed in case of Shri. Kanuraj Gaikwad - Age 65, who lost his little finger on left leg and after the application of Micro Ayurvedic Stem Cell Therapy, the wound healed and later a new finger started growing in the place of the cut finger. Till date that finger has grown up to 1 inch.

Successful & Safe Treatment of Plant Stem Cell For

Muscular Dystrophy
Cerebral Palsy
Spinal Cord Disorders
• Cerebral/Spinal Atrophy
• Post Accident Injuries
• Heart - VSD / Bypass / Cholesterol
• Motor Neuron Disease - Optic & Lung
• Joint Pain - Arthritis
• AVN - Hip Joint Necrosis
• Various Chronic Diseases
Kidney Disorders
• Thyroid

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